Who are we ?

The name "Marnixring" is coming from the 16th century and is referring to Philips van Marnix, Lord of Sint-Aldegonde. In his person we can identify the real basics of the ambitions of our community.


The Marnixring was grounded to serve and support the common language between Flemish and Dutch (Netherlands), but also the Afrikaans, a daughter language of dutch spoken in south africa.

The Marnixring wants to preserve the Dutch language and cultural community and wants to prevent the language from being oppressed by another. This goal pursues the members of Marnixring, regardless of their own personal political and religious conviction.

The highest commandment of the Marnixring is to be helpful in striving and nurturing the Dutch language and culture.

All Marnixring actions and projects are primarily and first and foremost in a social-cultural context.


The operations in Marnixring consist not only of monthly meetings and activities but also of actual intervention at local, national and international level. During meetings we generally listen to a speaker who specializes in a subject that fits our objectives.